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Jason Pitzl-Waters to teach a media class

Media Outreach For Pagan Groups & Organizations: A Foundations Course by Jason Pitzl-Waters

In an age of ubiquitous social media, conveying your organization’s goals and values in an effective manner is more important than ever. Pagan groups and organizations used to have to deal with exploitative, uneducated, or even hostile mainstream media outlets in order to get the word out, but now we’re lucky if the local paper or television station even has time for any religion-oriented story. The last decade has seen some major upheavals and cutbacks in the areas of traditional media, with religion beats being cut back or eliminated across the United States. However, while traditional media outlets have been cutting back, there’s been an expansion on the Internet. As a result, its never been easier for small groups to create and disseminate information to the wider world.

Join us for the 4-week Foundations course Media Outreach For Pagan Groups & Organizations at Cherry Hill Seminary, starting on September 14. Instructor Jason Pitzl-Waters, creator of The Wild Hunt and co-founder of the Pagan Newswire Collective, will help you develop an outreach strategy that utilizes new media solutions, targets the audience you want to reach, prepares you for mainstream media attention, and gives you the tools to find your organization’s voice in a veritable digital cacophony. We’ll be using a simple and easy-to-remember system based on the traditional “Witches’ Pyramid” (aka Four Powers of the Magus or Four Powers of the Sphinx) to walk you through the process. This is a must for any public relations person, public information officer, or press liaison that is unsure how to fully utilize the new media landscape.

Week 1: To Know
The first week we’ll look at why understanding the importance of new/social media is vital to furthering your organization’s message, and explore who you are actually trying to reach.

Week 2: To Will
We’ll discuss why having a dedicated media/press liaison is important, why organizational support is vital, and how to stay committed to outreach for the long haul.

Week 3: To Dare
We’ll explore trying new methods of outreach, why being bold is an asset on the Internet, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to change things that aren’t working.

Week 4: To Keep Silent
Issues of transparency, secrecy, dirty laundry, drama, and flame wars will be touched on.

Each week will include special exercises and assignments that will prepare you and your group for the future. This is a hands-on course that will familiarize you with the latest tools, and talk about how you can get the attention you want without compromising your values.

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