Lady Sintana: Atlanta Legend Passes

Last night around 6pm the founder of the House of Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion and the Ravenwood Tradition of Wicca passed away peacefully.

Lady Sintana began House of Ravenwood in the early 70’s, operating a 24/7 open spiritual center for Wiccans on Memorial Drive.

It is expected that Ravenwood elders will issue a statement today. We will have more information regarding Lady Sintana’s passing and information on any memorial services as it becomes available.

House of Ravenstone memorial.

Newspaper clippings of Lady Sintana and House of Ravenwood.

Lady Sintana profile on The Wild Hunt.

Brief profile on Lady Sintana from Chas Clifton.

If you have photographs, stories or information regarding memorial services please contact so we can make these available to other Pagan news bureaus and services.



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10 responses to “Lady Sintana: Atlanta Legend Passes

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  2. A pioneer has gone on to the arms of the Goddess. Her strength, her examples of caring and leadership live on in her family, students and her legacy made the path shine brighter, the way a bit easier for those that came after. Blessed be Lady Sintana, good journey.

  3. The Unicorn Tradition would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the House of Ravenwood, and all sister and daughter groups of the Ravenwood Tradition, on the loss of their Founder and Elder High Priestess, Lady Sintana.

    Lady Sintana, was a dynamic and dedicated priestess as well as a pioneer for the craft in the Atlanta Community. Lady Sintana paved the way for many of the groups and practices which exist in Georgia today and she offered teaching, counseling, and spiritual guidance to a countless number of seekers who crossed her doorstep.

    We honor Lady Sintana’s life and contributions to the Atlanta community and we offer blessings for her journey.

    Blessed Be,
    Lady Arden and Lord Athanor
    Matriarch and Magus of the Unicorn Tradition

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  5. L. Zigular

    I was met with utter sadness as I heard of my High Priestess death. The Lady, like Lady Circe, gave her life to all of us so that we may learn, love and live the Old Ways. She was a truly powerful Witch. Living with her for many, many years, I was privy to witness this on a daily basis. Everything from a raptor being delivered with a broken wing, to baby owls that have lost there home, she would patiently exercise her magic to heal them and set them free. So it was with her coven, Ravenwood. There she would always lead by example and set the bar high……..and damn well expected YOU to meet or exceed that bar. If you were lucky enough to have had her as your HPS, then you have bragging rights as you got the education that everyone in the occult wanted…….THE VERY BEST! My Lady, may a thousand daemons take flight and deliver you to the hands of the Mistress and her Master. Untill we meet once again at the Crossroads at the haunted hill…….Lord Zigular

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  7. L. Bastet

    I absolutely love Lady Sintanta. She has been my teacher, my leader, my friend, my consoler, my encourager, and so much more…I am incredibly blessed to have had this woman in my life. I know many, many, many others feel exactly the same way about her.

    There is a place in my heart and soul that no one else can ever fill, but her.

    Whenever I think of all the incredible experiences she has made possible for me (and for all of us who studied under her), I am stunned at the gift Lady Sintana was (and still is) to our lives. For me, she brought back magick, when I had never dared believe. She brought me The Goddess, Living and Holy.

    Truly, I have been one of the luckiest people alive to have met Lady Sintana, to have made Ravenwood my spiritual home, and to both treasure her and grieve for her.

    My eyes fill with tears to read of condolences sent out to all of us in the Ravenwood tradition. Thank you, all.

  8. Lady Sintana lives on through her family, students, and all those that she touched. Many blessings to all those that carry on her work.

  9. Illume

    Lady Sintana was one of the most important people in my life. I was fortunate to know her as my spiritual/craft grandmother and even more fortunate to know her as a friend. She transcended time and place — my life is left empty without being able to pick up the phone and call her — but I know that she continues to speak to me now…. She was so much more than we ever could really know…her love was an entity entirely beyond our comprehension….I eagerly await the time when I shall know her again and love her again…until then, my dear Lady…may I manage to live with the grace that you did…in my own measure.

  10. David Eberhardt

    Blessed Be! I am just now learning of dearest Lady Sintana’s passing. I met her at Ravenwood in Atlanta just after I had three root canals requiring hospitalization in 1977. I was looking for some advice to relieve extreme pain. Unexpectedly, someone I had known for a long time answered the door. Lady Sintana recommended the Middle Pillar Ritual. Providentially by harmonious coincidence, I had just bought a book teaching the Middle Pillar Ritual (The Miracle of ­New Avatar Powe­r – by Geoff Gr­ay-Cobb) . I learned it and have used it frequently, often with miraculous results. Although I am not an initiate of Wicca, I always felt welcome and it always felt good to be at Ravenwood. I visited Ravenwood and Lady Sintana many times for rituals, parties and just socially. I was at Ravewnwood the day that Lady Sintana was presented with her charter. She introduced me to some wonderfully powerful persons. She did a hand fasting for my Lady and I. Beautiful memories! Merry Part!
    David Eberhardt

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