GA Pagan Pride Days start this weekend

This time of year sees calendars all over the nation filled with Pagan Pride Day events. Our region is certainly no different as a quick check at the national Pagan Pride Project website will show. There are no fewer than four Pagan Pride Day events in Georgia this year, and the first is scheduled for this weekend.

This weekend the third annual Athens Pagan Pride Day will be held at Bishop Park in Athens, GA from 10 am until 6:15 pm. Rituals will be held at the opening, at 1 pm and at the closing of the event. Workshops will be held on topics such as herbalism, belly dance, and drum making and usage. There will also be musical performances from Cath and Embreis, the McAlpin Brothers and from Arthur Hinds of Emerald Rose as well as a belly dance performance from Sulukele Dance Ensemble. Many vendors will be present as well.

More details as well as a full schedule of events are posted at the Athens Pagan Pride Day website.

The events in our region will continue with:

Augusta Pagan Pride Day on 10/2/2010

Savannah Pagan Pride Day on 10/9/2010

Atlanta Pagan Pride Day on 10/9/2010


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