Coming out of the broom closet on Facebook

With the advent of Facebook and social networking, we have the good fortune of  reaching many people in a short amount of time. Recently I have joined an event on Face Book named “Coming out of the Broom Closet”

In just two days there are over 200 people-pagan, wiccans, heathens, witches, and druids that have posted to this event with concerns and support.

It is always reassuring when the pagan community at large comes together to support each other.

Here is their main page information.


“With all of the book religions crumbling around us, pagans are feeling stronger by the day. There are no real valid estimates as to how many Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, etc. there are on this planet so I think it’s finally high time we get some real numbers. There is strength in numbers and there is safety in numbers. I propose that we come out of the proverbial broom closet and make ourselves known…. Now I also know that for many of you, this may mean the end of your job, your relationship, even saying goodbye to family HOWEVER we’re looking for a major release of stress. It’s time to make ourselves known and to come together as a community. Prove we are not Satanist and Baby Killers or Molesters. The more of us that do this, the better our future becomes. WE are tired of being abused, being shunned, it’s time to stand up for our rights with perfect love to all of our haters. I truly believe that the many faces of paganism adds up to being the third or fourth largest religious movement on the planet. Please help and prove me right. It’s time we move on. It’s time we stop living in fear. Join us on this day. We are police, lawyers, doctors, firemen and women. We fight for our country! We are active Democrats AND even Republicans. We are scientists…. WE ARE PEOPLE! We have rights and it’s time we invoke them. Carpe Diem!”



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2 responses to “Coming out of the broom closet on Facebook

  1. I think this is beyond awesome that Pagans want to support a day of coming out. I have been out pretty much my entire adult life and I prefer to live this way rather than in secret, so I fully support the mission.

    My concern is that this is positioned as an “Us versus Them” event. I don’t see “book religions crumbling”. Changing, maybe, and some for the better. I would rather define our traditions by what they are, not what they aren’t. I personally believe that an interfaith approach is very possible and a healthy form of discourse. I fear that the language used on this Facebook page can be seen as exclusive not inclusive.

  2. gleamchaser1776

    Cara Schulz at PNC-Minnesota is trying to organize a National Pagan Coming Out Day. It’s a very cool idea.

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