Birmingham Witches’ Ball 2010 a Huge Success

Birmingham, Alabama (PNC) — Members of Magick City Pagans (MCP), including the staff of Books, Beans, and Candles MS (BBCMS) and members of Circle of the Sacred Spirit (CSS) worked and raised funds for months to prepare for the Seventh Annual Witches’ Ball, which was held on October 23 at adjacent downtown clubs: FDSK “Das Haus” (the German cultural club) and the Rogue Tavern. Volunteers decorated both clubs earlier in the day.

Both venues provided food, reduced drink prices, and some special drinks for the occasion. Two DJs, Kristoph and Seth, played nearly continuously. Tarot readings were available at Das Haus for part of the evening.

According to Mitchell Hagood of BBCMS, the principal impresario of the event, at least 1200 people were there for some part of the evening, completely eclipsing previous attendance figures.

Costumes were a mad whirl. There were, unsurprisingly, many witches, along with various movie characters, vampires, some fruit, the Goddess Gaia, and enough fetish wear for a separate dungeon party. No one tried to pull off Harry Potter, but there was a very convincing if overgrown Dobby. Three prizes were offered for the best individual costume and one for best couple. Best couple was won by a master and slave in vinyl and mesh; Gaia, a beautiful geisha, and a very detailed Avatar Na’avi workup took the individual prizes (in that order). Everyone’s honorable mention was a professional-looking full-body Alien, but Alien didn’t register for the contest.

Birmingham is also home to smaller Pagan socials at Yule and Beltane.



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3 responses to “Birmingham Witches’ Ball 2010 a Huge Success

  1. There were also tarot readings for part of the night.

  2. That was a mad party and hell to bartend

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