Heydey Acres

Heydey Acres is founded on principles of sustainable agriculture, crop biodiversity and a belief that community and agriculture are mutually beneficial. We work to provide locally produced fruits and vegetables to customers in Atlanta, Ga and surrounding cities.

It is our hope that by making heirlooms available at local farmer’s markets and through CSA shares, we will increase awareness of these wonderful genetic treasures, and give our customers the chance to experience the amazing variety that is our heritage. We think you will love the difference you taste!

Our name comes from the word “heyday”, which is used to describe a period of time when something was at its most successful or best. We think this illustrates our mission to support agricultural biodiversity very well: the fruits and vegetables we grow were once very popular and well known. Often, they were all but forgotten when hybrid types were introduced in seed catalogs, and as produce became widely available in supermarkets year round. In a sense, these fruits and vegetables had their heyday, but we think it’s the perfect time for them to become popular all over again!


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