December 12th 2011 update on Turner discrimination

The task force working on resolving the religious freedom issues involving the Turner family and their school system has issued this update:

“Over the past week, a Task Force has been arduously working with the Turner family to assess the situation and generate a clear plan of action. Included on the Turner Family Support Task Force are a variety of professionals, Pagan clergy and other advisors who have committed much time and energy to standing with the Turners in their time of need.

The North Georgia Solitaries have welcomed the Turners into their Yule celebrations and continue to provide the much needed community support through volunteerism and the Pagan Assistance Fund. The Lady Liberty League, Circle Sanctuary and Covenant of the Goddess (Dogwood Local Council) have been relentlessly coordinating efforts to provide advice and guided action; all of which will hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution and a future of fair and equal treatment in the school and school system.

However, the Task Force and the Turners are not alone in this struggle, as is shown by the immense demonstration of Pagan solidarity through the Turner Family Support Facebook page, phone calls to the lead organizations and a variety of other postings on the internet. The countless comments and heartfelt words of support have generated an immeasurable bounty of strength from which the family is able to draw.

And, the support is not limited to the Pagan community nor to Georgia or to the USA. The Task Force has heard from a number of non-Pagans who are concerned about the Turners situation and from members of the  international Pagan community. The results have been unexpected and awe-inspiring.

This support, your support, has now become a vital part of the struggle toward tolerance – for this case and into the future. And, at this time of year- a time of peace, giving and togetherness – we ask that all of you continue to stand together with each other, the Turners and the Task Force by continuing these efforts. The Task Force will provide updates as the process progresses.

Please send your prayers, your energy, and your personal messages through the Facebook page. They are being read by the Turners throughout each day. And, secondly, if you would like to contribute funds to help alleviate the financial burdens that have been placed on the family, please make your donations via the Pagan Assistance Fund, operated by the North Georgia Solitaries through the Church of the Spiral Tree. Donations are tax-deductible and  will be used to offset a variety of expenses such as gas, child care, home-schooling supplies, and other related family expenses as they arise.

It is often said that “A little bit, goes a long way” – whether that be a dollar, a prayer or a words of peace. The Turner family is grateful for all of it.”



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2 responses to “December 12th 2011 update on Turner discrimination

  1. The Order of The Jade Phoenix sends love, blessing, healing and positive energy to the Turner Family!!! The Goddess is with you!!!! Blessed Be!!!
    Rev. MoonChild

  2. I’m glad this it turned out so properly and I hope it will continue in the future because it really is so intriguing and meaningful towards the community.

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