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I am the High Priest of Blue Lotus Grove and a practicing Witch for over 15 years. I am active with Atlanta Pagan Pride Day, Dogwood Local Council, Covenant of the Goddess, Atlanta Pagan Round table and more. With a strong commitment to the pagan community I strive to assist, educate, and help facilitate an open communication.

Into the Summerlands

John Michael “Micky” Monogue/Uncle Wookie/Lord Athanor

November 25, 1956- February 13th. 2012

It is with a sad heart that I convey that the Unicorn Tradition Magus and founder, Priest of the Grove of the Unicorn, and my spiritual guide and partner, Lord Athanor, has crossed into the Summerlands.

While it is a sad time for those who knew and loved him, is with joy, love, and light that we celebrate the wonder and magick filled life. It is with gratitude that we remember one who touched the lives of many, many people through his storytelling, kindness, humor, wisdom, and bountiful spirit.

Blessings and peace to all of his many friends and family of blood and of spirit.

Blessings and thanks to you Lord Athanor, I am honored to have walked with you for much of my life. May we meet again in the love and light of the Lord and Lady.

Lady Arden

A great man has passed beyond this incarnation around 2:50am February 13th, 2012 to return to the divine embrace of the universe. I am sure he is being reunited with those who have passed before him. When you read this stifle not your tears for the loss of such a luminary man, but let them flow freely so that they may carry the love you had for him from this world to the next. Let them be the conduit from your soul to his. Do not let this be how your remembrance of him ends however.
Honor and celebrate him for all of the love, light, laughter, wit, wisdom, and magick he brought into your life by whatever means you think best. And when you are done celebrating him, hold tightly in your heart the fire of those things he stirred inside of you and carry them with you always. I know I will.
On this day I will salute a man who was father, friend, teacher, husband, and priest whose walked through this life with a kind word to always share, a rapier wit which to coax forth laughter, a gentle wisdom that could help you find the path and show you the way even on the blackest night, and a loving heart that could heal all wounds.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again my beloved father: Blessed Be.

In Their Service,


Lord Athanor:
I believe that all temples are sacred.

I do not believe that wisdom, compassion, or veneration are the sole province of any faith or any nation

There are many who reach toward the infinite,
yet none who can grasp it in their hand.

So let there be peace and fellowship with all who will share it.

And if their god forbids fellowship with such as I, then let there be peace upon the path they choose


John Michael “Micky” Monogue was born November 25th, 1956 in Oxford England, and died February 13th, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. John Monogue was a resident of Decatur, Georgia since 2000. He survived by his wife Elaine, his two sons Damian and Adrian, his four daughters Maryk, Kat, Marilyn, and Alex, and his grandson Corbin. John is also survived by his sisters, Maureen, Kathleen, and Connie.  He was predeceased by his first wife, Jodi Monogue on February 8th 2006


This is the tentative plans for John Monogue/Lord Athanor’s  public memorial service. We are still in the process of getting everything set up and organized. These plans maybe subject change. We will inform you of any change in the plans.

John Monogue Memorial Service
Sunday Feb 19th from 2-5 pm
Angora Hall
Clarkston Community Center
3701 College Avenue
Clarkston, Georgia 30021

The History of the Unicorn Tradition

In 1976 Galadriel and Athanor met Lady Rhea, a priestess and elder of a Family Tradition, and began taking classes with her in the Atlanta area. Following the end of classes, Galadriel and Athanor moved to Florida. In 1979, the two of them moved back to Atlanta and resumed their training and, under Lady Rhea’s guidance, they began teaching classes. These classes would form what would soon become the Grove of the Unicorn and would later become the basis of the Unicorn Tradition.

During a Litha ritual in 1980, Galadriel and Athanor received their Priest and Priestess initiations and the Grove of the Unicorn was officially established. This group was established as an American Eclectic grove blending influences and teachings from the Family Tradition and from the modern Witchcraft revival movement.

While many of Galadriel and Athanor’s traditional teachings were retained, many outside influences have contributed to today’s Grove of the Unicorn and to the other groups within the Unicorn Tradition. Some of these influences include teachers from other traditions and ‘adopted’ Elders who were trained in other branches of the Craft or other Mystery traditions.

In 1982, the Unicorn Tradition began branching out into other states and even other countries. Over the years several groups have hived off of the Grove of the Unicorn, and in some cases other groups have hived off of those groups, and so on. While the Grove of the Unicorn started in Atlanta, Georgia, since that time Unicorn Tradition groups have been founded in Texas, Germany, and England.

Each group within the Unicorn Tradition maintains certain of the same key ingredients- however, each also maintains its own identity and flavor. As a Tradition, each group maintains a link to the Tradition’s roots, and yet, as a dynamic eclectic tradition, each group also continues to grow and evolve with the experiences and influences of its Priests, Priestesses, and other group members. Some predominate influences in many of the Unicorn Tradition groups include myths and traditions of Phoenician, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and Celtic origins.



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Heydey Acres

Heydey Acres is founded on principles of sustainable agriculture, crop biodiversity and a belief that community and agriculture are mutually beneficial. We work to provide locally produced fruits and vegetables to customers in Atlanta, Ga and surrounding cities.

It is our hope that by making heirlooms available at local farmer’s markets and through CSA shares, we will increase awareness of these wonderful genetic treasures, and give our customers the chance to experience the amazing variety that is our heritage. We think you will love the difference you taste!

Our name comes from the word “heyday”, which is used to describe a period of time when something was at its most successful or best. We think this illustrates our mission to support agricultural biodiversity very well: the fruits and vegetables we grow were once very popular and well known. Often, they were all but forgotten when hybrid types were introduced in seed catalogs, and as produce became widely available in supermarkets year round. In a sense, these fruits and vegetables had their heyday, but we think it’s the perfect time for them to become popular all over again!

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Atlanta Pagan Marketplace

Celebrate the diversity, expertise, and warmth of the Pagan community of Atlanta!

Sweetwater Creek State Park Group Shelter

March 24, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

The Pagan Marketplace of Ideas offers the opportunity for people to “shop” the Atlanta Pagan community. Local groups, circles, and covens will be offering information and rituals to people interested in learning more about them.

Everyone is invited. If you have an idea or a business that might be of interest to local Pagans, come on out!

This is a volunteer event. If you would like to volunteer to help out, please contact Aislinn McEarchern at amcearchern at gmail dot com.

The Pagan Marketplace of Ideas is a not for profit event. Money received will be used to cover the costs of running the event and planning for future years.

Cost: $5 per person. Children under the age of 13 are free!

Come out for a day of fun, sharing, and laughter with practicing Pagans in the Atlanta metro area. Ever wanted to participate in a Druid ritual, but don’t know any Druids? Or perhaps you want to an opportunity to share a class and network with other people of a similar faith.  Or maybe you would like to know more about local circles, covens, or groups that are open to new members.

It can be hard to approach groups, meet new people, or sometimes, to even find out what is going on in the Atlanta area Pagan network. It is nerve-wracking to meet people for the first time in someone’s private home or to figure out which groups are interested in new members.  Sometimes we’re not even sure if a path is ours to follow yet and we wish we had the chance to tread down it a few steps to see.

The Pagan Marketplace of Ideas offers the opportunity for people to “shop” the Atlanta Pagan community. Explore the variety of worship, magick, knowledge, and fun in the Pagan community of Atlanta !
The Pagan Marketplace of Ideas is a place where you can:

  • Meet and speak with members of local area circles, covens, and groups. Perhaps you will find the spiritual home you’ve been looking for!
  • Attend a ritual or two — or three.  Rituals hosted by different groups will be offered throughout the day.
  • Learn something new about your spirituality in a class or workshop.
  • Find out what is happening in the busy summer of 2011 – what festivals are on offer, what events are coming up.
  • Shop local Pagan merchants and vendors. Discover the item that makes your spirit sing!

Want to participate? The cost is only $5 OR free with a donation of two canned good items to be donated to a local food shelter. Children under the age of 13 are free. (Please note that there is a $5 parking fee at all Georgia State Parks). A portion of the funds received will go directly back into the Pagan groups that make the event special.

If you wish to participate within the Marketplace itself as a representative of a group, business, or event or teach a class, please contact Aislinn McEarchern at

A special thank you to Lani Blythe and Inara de Luna for their assistance in putting together the Pagan Marketplace.


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Tara Dance Sangha of Atlanta

Tara Dance Sangha of Atlanta, a member of Tara Dhatu, is dedicated to building the sacred dance practice community through the Mandala Dance of the Twenty-One Praises of Tara.

PROGRAM INTRODUCTION ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27,2011 @ 1PM-4PM   East Lake Co-Housing Common House

An afternoon of discovery, building community and learning about the sacred dance practice to the Goddess Tara.

  • A complete overview of the Tara Dance Sangha of Atlanta’s 11-week dance program starting on Sunday March 6, 2011
  • Learn the myths and stories of the female Buddha.
  • Hear the history of Tara Dhatu and lineage of this practice.
  • Participate in the Dance of Tara’s Mantra.
  • Enjoy Tea and Treats

RSVP: via email or phone February 18, 2011 for the Program Introduction!


PHONE: Sarah Thorsen at 404.584.5242

Can’t make the introduction on the February 27, 2011! We welcome you to attend the first class on Sunday March 6, 2011 @ 3pm to learn about the program and register!

Dance Program Overview:


We are looking for 19 women to build the Atlanta community through a dedicated 11-week program starting Sunday March 6, 2011 @ 3pm. The program consists of Tara teachings, mantras and learning the Mandala Dance of the Twenty-One Praises of Tara. 22 women are needed to dance a complete Mandala.

WHERE: East Lake Commons Co-housing

Common House Classroom- (located on the 1st floor of the building. Access via outside stairs.)

900 Dancing Fox Rd.

Decatur GA, 30032

Classes:  Sundays from 3-5pm

Dates: Starting March 6, 2011

Continues: 3/13, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 6/5, 6/12, 6/19

Completion: Weekend of June 25, 2011 with a public dance offering of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara

Location TBD

Cost: $110 (11 classes @ $10 per class) to be paid in advance by check.

  • Prepaid Cash Discount: $90
  • 3 payments of $37 to be paid in full by 5.22.11.

Required Materials: Tara Text: $7, Mandala Dance of the Twenty-One Praises CD: $15

Who: Women are invited to dance. Men can participate and learn the choreography as Protectors.

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Atlanta Pagan Roundtable

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”

~ Mike Jones

The Atlanta Pagan Roundtable is a cooperative group of Pagans active in their social and spiritual communities dedicated to education, leadership, activism, networking, outreach, and community building.

To assemble a group of pagan leaders together, as we all know, has been a difficult task in the past. When I was invited to an earlier meeting, I was hesitant to go, but I admire the people that want to make a difference and I decided to go on the adventure. The first meeting I attended there was a room full of well organized and delightfully serious pagans sitting in a large circle. That day proved to be invigorating, and I met interesting excited people from the Pagan community which was not what I had expected.

As for the next meeting, many emails and scheduling issues later, the next was a go and we were all planning on a visit to the Stone Mountain area. Due to an illness, an unfortunate circumstance, the original meeting place needed to be changed. “Oh Great, here we go!” I thought as I read my emails. To my surprise, Aislinn of Pagan Market Place jumped in and graciously offered up her house and the meeting was back on.

As per instructed, “Please be prompt” we were graciously invited into her beautiful home. The group organizers and creators were very well prepared to lead the discussion. There was a dry erase board set up listing the outline created by Oakthorne. We made our casual conversation and began on standard time.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the topic of “What are some concrete ways we can bring our goals to manifestation?”, with a recap of previous meetings. We had brainstorm harvesting, open discussion and project organization, and finished with a dinner and open social time.




The meeting ran smoothly, and many groups were represented. Pagan Market Place of Ideas, North Georgia Solitaries, Pagan Assistance Fund, Wisdom of the Goddess School of Witchcraft, A Spritual Blend, Gryphon Song, Grove of Draconis, Temple of the Red Lotus, The Unicorn Tradition, Sylvan Forest, and Blue Lotus Grove. There are many other groups involved with Atlanta Pagan Round Table which were not able to attend.

All in all, the meeting was pretty interesting, productive, and what I would call successful. We discussed ideas, came to consensus, and decided on affirmative actions to move forward and create our future. I know one group that will hold a spot on my calendar from this point forward, and hopefully the gathering will be as personal and well attended in the future.  I now truly understand the purpose and meaning of the Roundtable meetings credo: “Community Without Walls”, and just what that means.

Check  out Pagan Roundtable on face book and Atlanta Round Table Yahoo group.


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Beads and Jewelry Expo

Atlanta, GA
January 8 & 9, 2011
Bead & Jewelry Show

DoubleTree Hotel
1075 Holcomb Bridge Road
Roswell, GA 30076
Promoter: American Bead Shows:

(770) 739-0057

(770) 739-0057

Show hours:

    • SATURDAY: 10AM – 5PM
      Sunday: 10AM – 4PM
      $4 admission, Open to the public
    • Direction to Venue:
      Going North on Hwy 400 to Alpharetta, take Exit 7B, go West about 1/4 Mile to 2nd light, turn left, location on left

      …. From I-285-East or West: Take Hwy 400-North to Exit 7B, go West to 2nd light, turn left, location on left
      …From Downtown Atlanta, take I-85 North, to Hwy 400-North, take exit 7B & go West to 2nd light, turn left, location on left

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Local Pagan Podcast

I’ve recently found a local Pagan podcast I enjoy. The podcast is insightful, it brings personal perspective, and has a balanced format. I’m entertained by this podcast and thought you might want to check it out…. it’s called Twitchy Tidbits with Taryn.

“I began recording my first podcast shortly after becoming hooked on them as a listener. I asked myself ‘Why not?’ Since then, I’ve evolved as a speaker, and I’m learning to be more savvy in the techy department. I record because I like to talk- obviously- and because I see things in the pagan community that mystify me, amaze me, and anger me.” – Taryn

It’s undoubtedly interesting and opinionated while the subject matter is not over exigent. You can truly feel her passion for the subject she is discussing and seems to be looking for feedback about her shows.

The show is generally well produced and follows relatively the same format every episode. The beginning episodes show the tell tale signs of a new podcast host, but as with anything new, there will be growing pains. She has seemed to work out many of the kinks in the tech department; this latest episode is a testament to that. The show really delivers fresh content each new episode.

“Now, I try to put into each episode segments that deal with things pagans are actually concerned about, and I believe in throwing into the mix segments about what I think pagans should be concerned about. For instance, I have a hard time identifying myself as a Wiccan while using the Rede as my spiritual backbone. I think it is incomplete and needs some updating without losing the history behind it. That’s a challenge I think is really important for modern pagans in general: practicing in a modern world without losing the history, ancestry, and tradition behind it.”

“I’m always trying to make the show better! In the near future, I will be bringing pagan music into the show, and on Episode 8 I will debut a listener submission opportunity, the winner being announced on air and having their piece posted on the website.” – Taryn

The show is not too long, with most of them around thirty minutes, which is great for a commute or listening while doing your mundane shopping. It’s the perfect podcast for those who want something to listen to besides the mundane news. So lie back, or go shopping and listen to Twitchy Tidbits.

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