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Fry’s Tarot Reader Receives Apology, Payment

The tarot reader that was asked to leave from a tarot-reading gig she’d been hired for by the Fry’s in Duluth, GA has received both an apology and payment for her services.

Lupa Cutliffe posted the following statement late yesterday evening on Facebook:

I received a call this evening from the regional manager of the computer department at Fry’s. He wanted to make sure that I had been paid what I was promised and he offered a sincere apology which I accepted. He expressed that this is not the way the company would have preferred this situation be handled.

My husband has worked for Fry’s in Duluth for the last two years and we have been customers for many years. That is why we were so upset and disappointed that his last week with the company was marred by such a negative incident.

I am satisfied that my concerns were heard and very much appreciate everyone who gave this matter a wider audience. If you linked my posts or tweeted or otherwise discussed this matter elsewhere, please be fair and tell the end of the story. They did not offer me a big screen tv or an iPad, but they took my concerns seriously and addressed them with both myself and my husband. 🙂 I’m happy with that.

Several members of the Pagan community contacted Fry’s after the incident was reported on The Wild Hunt.


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