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Atlanta gets Wild!: Actor, Mark Ryan and writer, John Matthews, to host an exclusive Wildwood Tarot workshop.

In a special limited engagement, John Matthews and Mark Ryan will be hosting a four-day special event to introduce and explore the unique world that lives within the Wildwood Tarot.    In 2011, John Matthews, a multi-award-winning and New York Times best-selling author, teamed up with actor and long-time friend, Mark Ryan, (“Nasir” in Robin of Sherwood, the voice of “Bumblebee” in Transformers, and co-host of L.A.’s  popular Combat Radio) to create the Wildwood Tarot. With the help of artist, Will Worthington, the three men brought this new deck to life, which is now in its third printing.

As the deck has grown in popularity, Matthews and Ryan felt compelled to hold a private workshop to offer their personal insight into the power and beauty inherent in the Wildwood deck.   Both men are passionate about the mystical and esoteric meanings deep within nature itself, which is the premise of the Wildwood Tarot.   Ryan and Matthews chose Atlanta and Seattle as the only two host cities in the U.S. for their Wild! Event.

For Tarot fans, the Wildwood workshop will prove to be a unique opportunity to meet and explore a Tarot system with the creators themselves.  The four days include three distinct and separate events.  First, the men will host an “An Evening in the Wildwood” on Thursday, night at The Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Sandy Springs.  The following day, both men will be available for Private Tarot Readings.  And, finally, on Saturday and Sunday, Matthews and Ryan will lead a two-day workshop that will include hands-on exploration of the Wildwood deck with shamanic journeying and spiritual meditations.

As this is the only southeastern Wildwood workshop on the tour, prior registration is required for all portions of the four-day event.   There are a limited number of spaces available.   The Wildwood Tarot decks themselves are currently available at all on line retailers and in stores.  The decks will be available for sale at both events for both signatures and for use.   To register, contact Ginger Wages.  Or go to their website at The Wildwood Tarot.  Contact the Phoenix and Dragon directly for tickets to the Thursday night event.

More About Mark Ryan:  Mark has been combining his acting, singing, and writing talents in a successful career ranging over 30 years.  He has appeared in dozens of film, theater and television productions both in the US and UK   He is best known for his role as “Nasir” in the classic British television series Robin of Sherwood and, more recently, as the voice of “Bumble Bee” in the hit film franchise, Transformers.  Currently, he can be found co-hosting L.A. Talk Radio’s top program: Combat Radio. However, his talents do not end at the ticket office.  Ryan is also a published author.  Before creating the Wildwood deck, he authored the collector status Greenwood Tarot and has written for such publications as DC Comics.  Ryan is also an accomplished swordsman and action director.  For a detailed bio, go to

More About John Matthews:  “Oxford’s expert on all things mythic” and “an icon of the Arthurian world’.  John is better known as an historian, folklorist and children’s author. He has been a full time writer since 1980 and has produced over ninety books on myth, the Arthurian Legends and Grail Studies, as well as short stories, a volume of poetry and several successful children’s books. He has devoted much of the past thirty years to the study of Arthurian Traditions and myth in general.  For a detailed bio, go to


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Fry’s Tarot Reader Receives Apology, Payment

The tarot reader that was asked to leave from a tarot-reading gig she’d been hired for by the Fry’s in Duluth, GA has received both an apology and payment for her services.

Lupa Cutliffe posted the following statement late yesterday evening on Facebook:

I received a call this evening from the regional manager of the computer department at Fry’s. He wanted to make sure that I had been paid what I was promised and he offered a sincere apology which I accepted. He expressed that this is not the way the company would have preferred this situation be handled.

My husband has worked for Fry’s in Duluth for the last two years and we have been customers for many years. That is why we were so upset and disappointed that his last week with the company was marred by such a negative incident.

I am satisfied that my concerns were heard and very much appreciate everyone who gave this matter a wider audience. If you linked my posts or tweeted or otherwise discussed this matter elsewhere, please be fair and tell the end of the story. They did not offer me a big screen tv or an iPad, but they took my concerns seriously and addressed them with both myself and my husband. 🙂 I’m happy with that.

Several members of the Pagan community contacted Fry’s after the incident was reported on The Wild Hunt.

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