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Birmingham to host Eighth Annual Witches’ Ball

The ball will be held at Das Haus located at 2318 2nd Ave North, Birmingham Alabama, 35203, on October 20th, 2012, from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am.

The Witches’ Ball in Birmingham has been steadily growing in popularity. The event is held at a downtown club. Due to community fund-raising, the event has no cover charge.

Organizers estimated attendance at the 2011 Ball at 1,600.

This year, six DJs have been engaged, and a costume contest with multiple categories will highlight the evening.

The Witches’ Ball is hosted and presented by Books, Beans, and Candles in association with Euphoria Nights, Magick City Pagans, and Sexy Ink.


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Local Pagan Podcast

I’ve recently found a local Pagan podcast I enjoy. The podcast is insightful, it brings personal perspective, and has a balanced format. I’m entertained by this podcast and thought you might want to check it out…. it’s called Twitchy Tidbits with Taryn.

“I began recording my first podcast shortly after becoming hooked on them as a listener. I asked myself ‘Why not?’ Since then, I’ve evolved as a speaker, and I’m learning to be more savvy in the techy department. I record because I like to talk- obviously- and because I see things in the pagan community that mystify me, amaze me, and anger me.” – Taryn

It’s undoubtedly interesting and opinionated while the subject matter is not over exigent. You can truly feel her passion for the subject she is discussing and seems to be looking for feedback about her shows.

The show is generally well produced and follows relatively the same format every episode. The beginning episodes show the tell tale signs of a new podcast host, but as with anything new, there will be growing pains. She has seemed to work out many of the kinks in the tech department; this latest episode is a testament to that. The show really delivers fresh content each new episode.

“Now, I try to put into each episode segments that deal with things pagans are actually concerned about, and I believe in throwing into the mix segments about what I think pagans should be concerned about. For instance, I have a hard time identifying myself as a Wiccan while using the Rede as my spiritual backbone. I think it is incomplete and needs some updating without losing the history behind it. That’s a challenge I think is really important for modern pagans in general: practicing in a modern world without losing the history, ancestry, and tradition behind it.”

“I’m always trying to make the show better! In the near future, I will be bringing pagan music into the show, and on Episode 8 I will debut a listener submission opportunity, the winner being announced on air and having their piece posted on the website.” – Taryn

The show is not too long, with most of them around thirty minutes, which is great for a commute or listening while doing your mundane shopping. It’s the perfect podcast for those who want something to listen to besides the mundane news. So lie back, or go shopping and listen to Twitchy Tidbits.

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Events in Birmingham Area

Magick City Pagans (MCP) Meeting – Reiki Class — Sept. 10

Magick City Pagans meets the second Friday evening of every month at
Books, Beans and Candles MS, 1620 Richard Arrington Blvd.,
Birmingham. Social time from 6:00 pm, meeting runs 7:00 – 9:00.

Hallowed Oaks Grove (ADF) Mabon/Autumn Equinox — Sept 18

The FaceBook event page is set up again this year for this Mabon ritual & feast.

Date: Sept 18, Saturday
Time: Ritual at 12 noon with potluck feast immediately following. We plan on being finished by 4 pm.

Witches’ Ball — Oct. 23
7:00 pm – 2:00 am at Rogue’s Tavern and FDSK Das Haus (2nd Ave. N. and 18th Street, Birmingham)
Details here.

Contact for events not otherwise specified: Mitchell Hagood at BBCMS, 205-453-4636.

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