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Dragon*Con, Labor Day Weekend

Dragon*Con is the premier Southeastern Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. It is often compared to Comic-Con in San Diego, but the main difference is that Comic-Con  is industry driven while Dragon*Con is by and for the fans.  Dragon*Con will be held over Labor Day weekend in Downtown Atlanta.

That being said, there are plenty of events at Dragon*Con that would appeal to a Pagan audience.  Here is a short list.

The Alternate History Track will showcase a variety of events including the currently popular Steampunk.  The science fiction Victorian aesthetic appeals to a lot of pagans.  I’ve even heard it described as “when Goths discovered Brown”.  Among the many Alt-history events, local author Kathryn Hinds will be featured on several panels.  One of many Emerald Rose performances over the convention will be at their Pirate party on Sunday night.  If you are interested in the Alternate History Track, you will find them at the newest Con hotel, The Westin.

American SciFi Media will feature several Pagan Friendly media including Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Avatar and Tim Burton.  You will find these panels primarily in the Marriott.

Animation is often considered progressive with pagan-friendly themes.  The Animation Track will be at the Hyatt.  By contrast, you will also find Anime/Manga there.

Filk is a tradition of music based on folk and SciFi/Fantasy themes.  The Filking community always has a large presence at Dragon*Con and it seems the Pagan community always has a large presence in Filk.  If you are interested in watching or participating you’ll find the Filk Track in the Hyatt.

New this year is the Paranormal Track.  I know that many Pagans have an interest in this field of study.  The track schedule isn’t yet posted to check back to the Dragon*Con site for more details.

Do to the epic influence on JRR Tolkien, the Tolkien Track at Dragon*Con is always a favorite for pagans.  A favorite panel that I have attended in the past is Frodo the Reluctant Hero.  You can also learn about Sam the Companion from the same presenter.  The Tolkien Track will be held primarily in the Marriott.

With such rich Witchy characters as Willow and Tara, the Whedontrack is always a great Pagan-Friendly space.  Held in the Westing this year, you will find panels such as the exploration of religion in both Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, you’ll have another opportunity to check out Emerald Rose at the Mighty Fine Shindig.

And finally, you will find a lot of Pagan Friendly themes at the Young Adult Literature track with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Hunger Games.  You will find this track primarily at the Marriott.

There is so much more to be experienced at Dragon*Con.  Stay tuned to the Dragon*Con website for the official schedule.  The fun begins this Thursday night, September 3, with various band performances, including Emerald Rose and Pandora Celtica.  Stay out and party through Labor Day.


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