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Events in Georgia: Hellenic Themed

09/24 – 09/25 | Battle of Marathon Celebration at Emory:

“…To celebrate this remarkable achievement, Emory’s Departments of Classics and Art History, the Program in Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum are convening a weekend symposium, ΦΑΟΣ ΑΦΘΙΤΟΝ ΑΙΕΙ(Immortal Light): The Battle of Marathon and its Athenian Legend, and holding a 2.62 mile race through the Emory campus.”

Andrew Stewart, Professor of Greek Art at the University of California, Berkeley, will deliver the keynote address for the symposium, “Go tell the Spartans…” War and the Warrior in Archaic Greek Art, on Friday September 24 at 7 pm. The symposium continues Saturday afternoon, September 25, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Seven Emory faculty will present short papers highlighting the importance of the battle and its electrifying impact on the society and artistic production of the time.

Featured speakers and topics include:
Niall Slater, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Latin and Greek
‘Aristophanes and comedic responses to Marathon’

Philipa Lang, Assistant Professor of Classics
‘Five ways to extract an arrow: a user’s guide to battlefield surgery in antiquity’

Bonna Wescoat, Associate Professor of Art History
‘Memorializing Marathon’

Sandra Blakely, Associate Professor of Classics
‘Heroes, Horses, and Hoplites of Unusual Size: Ghostly Apparitions at Marathon’

Cindy Patterson, Professor of History
‘Herodotus & Marathon: Myth and Memory’

Peter Bing, Chair and Professor of Classics
‘The Marathon Epigrams’

Jasper Gaunt, Curator of Greek and Roman Art
‘Heroes at Marathon: The great burial mound at the battlefield and other Athenian dedications’

10/07 – 10/31 | Georgia Shakepeare Company Presents: The Odyssey: a Journey Home [a play adapted from Homer]

directed by Richard Garner
based on the work of Homer
adapted by Richard Garner and the GS Company

Sometimes the greatest adventure a person can undertake is the journey home. In our original adaptation of Homer’s epic, we’ll look at the challenges Odysseus overcomes in his quest to finally return home after ten years away fighting the Trojan Wars and see how they mirror the challenges our modern warriors go through to get home physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Home: A place worth fighting for and worth fighting to get back to.



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