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Auburn, Alabama Pagan Pride Day

Auburn Pagan Pride Day was held on September 23 at the Davis Arboretum on the University campus. The event, the first such in a number of years, was sponsored by the Church of the Spiral Tree of Columbus, Georgia, supported by Dogwood Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess and the Auburn Pagan student association, Pantheon.

There were vendor and informational booths, presentations and classes, crafts, hula-hoops, and horseback rides for “children of whatever age.” Donations were collected for animal rescue and for the East Alabama Food Bank.

The event ran very smoothly and was well-received by the several hundred attendees.


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Savannah Pagan Pride Day Draws a Crowd

by S. C. Amis

Savannah, GA, October 9- “Thank you, Madame Bonaventure, for all of your support.” I was intrigued by the message which appeared on the inside front cover of the program for the 8th Annual Savannah Pagan Pride Day. Who was Madame Bonaventure? A wealthy secret benefactor? A helpful spirit?  The usual sights and sounds of Pagan Pride swirled under the moss-hung oaks of Emmet Park: giggling children, whimsical clothing, workshops, belly dancers, bemused tourists.

Savannah’s relatively small size isn’t reflected in attendance or the liveliness of the event, both of which might do a larger city proud; the headcount from 2009 was five hundred, comparable to Atlanta’s six hundred from the same year. I asked what makes their Pagan Pride different. “Well…we are the most haunted city in America!” responded Adriana Iris, one of two Local Coordinators. “Aside from the educational aspect of Pagan Pride, we like to encourage everyone to come visit our beautiful city. People come from far away, and they come back every year. We take pride in showing Savannah off. This city is fun.”

A wide variety of groups were represented at the event, including Georgia Heathen Fellowship, Earth Healers Temple, Church of the Circle of the Oaks, and the Covenant of WISE. L. Belladonna praised Adriana’s ability to bring people together, and added, “I love sitting in the park all day with a bunch of Pagans.”

“No one group organizes Pagan Pride,” said Juli Routon, the other Local Coordinator. “Everybody pitches in. We hold fundraisers throughout the year, and receive support from local businesses as well as individuals.”  And Madame Bonaventure?  “She’s one of our sponsors.  She leads tours in Bonaventure Cemetery, so that’s what people call her.”

Savannah PPD will be kicking off their fundraising for next year with a Masquerade Ball, October 30, 2010 at the Wormhole on Bull Street. Raffles, DJ, bellydancing shows, and Tarot, $5 cover.

Photos by Mountain Hermit


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Georgia Area Pagan Pride Events

Recently, Georgia has celebrated Pagan Pride in Athens and Augusta.  On Saturday, October 9th both Atlanta and Savannah will be holding their Pagan Pride events.

Support your community and join the action at your nearest Pagan Pride celebration.  Stay tuned to PNC-Georgia for updates, articles and stories about these local Pagan events.

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GA Pagan Pride Days start this weekend

This time of year sees calendars all over the nation filled with Pagan Pride Day events. Our region is certainly no different as a quick check at the national Pagan Pride Project website will show. There are no fewer than four Pagan Pride Day events in Georgia this year, and the first is scheduled for this weekend.

This weekend the third annual Athens Pagan Pride Day will be held at Bishop Park in Athens, GA from 10 am until 6:15 pm. Rituals will be held at the opening, at 1 pm and at the closing of the event. Workshops will be held on topics such as herbalism, belly dance, and drum making and usage. There will also be musical performances from Cath and Embreis, the McAlpin Brothers and from Arthur Hinds of Emerald Rose as well as a belly dance performance from Sulukele Dance Ensemble. Many vendors will be present as well.

More details as well as a full schedule of events are posted at the Athens Pagan Pride Day website.

The events in our region will continue with:

Augusta Pagan Pride Day on 10/2/2010

Savannah Pagan Pride Day on 10/9/2010

Atlanta Pagan Pride Day on 10/9/2010

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Psychic Fair Fundraiser for Athens Pagan Pride

A Psychic Fair benefiting the 2010 Athens Pagan Pride Day will be held at the metaphysical store Body, Mind & Spirit on Saturday, August 28th from 11AM to 3 PM.

The Fair will feature psychic readings, massage, local vendors, refreshments, door prizes and more. Readings will be available in various formats such as numerology and tarot. Reiki energy workings will be performed and discounts on upcoming events will be available. Several vendors will attend with wares such as handcrafted teas and jewelery. Door prizes will be given including gift certificates to local restaurants such as Buffalo’s Southwest Cafe and the Old City Diner, cd’s from celtic-rock band The Blaggards,6 week sessions of Belly Dance Basics @ Floorspace Dance and Movement Studio and more. If there is time Cath and Embreis may perform. Attendees of the 2009 Athens Pagan Pride Day will happily remember their performance.

Recognizing that this year the economy has hit many in our community the organizers say they’ve decided, where possible, to offer services in increments of five-minutes for five dollars. They will also offer a discount of $40 for three 15-minute services (from participating providers).

More information on the Psychic Fair and on Athens Pagan Pride Day can be found at athenspaganpride.org.

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